In the Belcanto music scene of 18th century, the bass chord plays an almost non-existent role.

Between the late 17th and early 18th century, some of the major basses of the European scene arise in Naples, all wandered from public and private, sacred and profane city scenes.


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Among the basses Antonio Manna stands out above all: he is remembered for his meeting with Georg Friedrich Händel when he landed in Naples and produced the serenade “Aci, Galatea e Polifemo” for the arts patron Aurora Severino. The pages that outline Manna’s vocal experience are a faithful reflection of a ‘pyrotechnic’ and expressive virtuosity that fits well into the early 18th-century melodramatic panorama where the symbiosis between performer and composer was probably absolute.
Una voce dal basso
Antonio Manna, il basso napolitano
Church of St Catherine of Siena, Naples
17 October 2020
Nicola Ciancio bass
Catherine Jones cello
Stefano Demicheli harpsichord and direction
Ensemble Talenti Vulcanici
Ayako Watanabe (*), Valentina Russo, Ulrike Slowike, Isabel Soteras Valenti (), Raffaele Nicoletti, Andrea Beatriz Lizarraga, violins
Sara Bagnati (*), Elena Gelmi, violas
Catherine Jones (*), Caterina dell’Agnello, cellos
Giorgio Sanvito, double bass
Juan Josè Francione, lute
*first parts
Musicological advice by Paologiovanni Maione
Transcriptions by Enrico Gramigna
A video-production Caméra Musique
Directed by Duilio Meucci


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