Edited by Maria Ida Biggi, Francesco Cotticelli, Paologiovanni Maione and Iskrena Yordanova 
Contributions by Sodano G., Lattuada R., Beniscelli A., Mellace R., Marino M., Seller F., Caroccia A., Cafiero R., Giovani G., Sullo P., Sances G., Sciommeri G., Jacono S., Raimo C., Maione P., Scoccimarro R., Cotticelli F., De Simone P., Maccavino N., Passariello R., Prisco S., Alfonzetti B., D’Ovideio A., Forment B., Menchelli Buttini F., Biggi M.I., Chegai A., Polin G., Mattei L., Tufano L., Candiani R., Fernandes C., Yordanova I., DelDonna A., Chirico T., Pauser M.
ISBN 978-88-89491-16-4 | 2018


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Nicolò Jommelli, one of the greatest composers of the 18th century in Europe, was born in Aversa and trained in Naples at the Conservatorio di Sant’Onofrio a Capuana and then at the Pietà de’ Turchini. His career, favoured by the aristocratic circles of the capital, began at the two theatres dedicated mainly to the ‘commedeja pe museca’, where the young composer enjoyed wide acclaim. Soon his fame crossed the borders of the Kingdom and from Rome, where he went immediately after his first successes, he was engaged on several occasions in the major theatres of the time and the great courts of the continent. He made significant stops in Venice, Madrid, Bologna, Turin, Lisbon and Vienna, a city he reached thanks to the support of the Caesarian poet Metastasio, who appreciated his talent and high compositional skills, so much so that he recommended him highly to Carlo Broschi, who was stationed with the Bourbons of Spain. 


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