Edited by Francesco Cotticelli and Paologiovanni Maione
Contributions by
Durante S., Carandini S., Pugliati P., Pedraza Jiménez F.B., De la Granja A., Domenichelli M., Heller W., Lattarico J. F., Arellano I., Indurain C.M., Bucciarelli M., Blichmann D., D’Antuono N., Voss S., Fertonani C., Toscani C., Butler M.R., Maione P., Polzonetti P., Cotticelli F., DelDonna A.R., Seller F., Aliverti M.I., Sala Di Felice E., Paduano G., Brown B.A., Mayrhofer M., Tufano L., Mechelli P., O’Grady D., Bissoli F.
ISBN 978-88-89491-02-7 | 2006


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The essays collected in this volume aim to offer an excursus on the forms that interest in exotic worlds took in European entertainment in the modern age. From Golden Age Spain to Elizabethan England, from the France of the Enlightenment to the various Italian realities, the experience of exoticism around the stage appears to be one of the most relevant phenomena – constant and changing at the same time – on which research and militant practice of the scene are called to shed light, an essential procedure to understand the difficult path of a problematic sensitivity of the West.


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