Aware of the fact that choral practice offers children important opportunities to activate processes of growth, inclusion and relational skills, these editions encourage through this proposal, not only the sense of belonging of young people to the afferent choir, but also a more ambitious projection in a much wider community, activating a process of amplification of the benefits in terms of evolutionary experience and artistic growth.

La giusta distanza – Preview




The composition of this piece was commissioned by the Pietà de ‘Turchini Foundation to be performed as part of the NapolinCanta review which had its first edition in 2020 in Naples with the support of the MIC and the artistic direction of Salvatore Murru.

Together with others, it flows into a collection of pieces under the same title, which Turchini Edizioni wanted to edit with the hope of making them available for other future performances and for other ensembles.


Text by Alfonso Ottobre

Music by Piero Caraba

ISBN 978-88-89491-24-9


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