Marta Columbo e Paologiovanni Maione
ISBN 978-88-89491-03-4 | 2008


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As well as retracing the history of the prestigious institution, the appendices section of the book contains a list of all the material relating to the Gennar’s musical season – often the documents are reproduced in their entirety.
In the two centuries considered, the harmonious leadership of the marvellous sacred scene was entrusted to experienced chapel masters – Francesco Baiano (1646), Vincenzo Maiello (1649-1656), Filippo Coppola (1657-1658), Antonio Mondelli (1658-1660), Filippo Coppola (1660-1680), Giovanni Cesare Netti (1680-1686), Francesco Provenzale (1686-1699), Cristoforo Caresana (1699-1709), Nicola Fago (1709-1731), Lorenzo Fago (17311766), Pasquale Fago (1766-1776), Lorenzo Fago (1776-1781), Giacomo Insanguine (1781), Lorenzo Fago (17811793), Giacomo Insanguine (1793-1795), Paolo Orgitano (1795-1796), Antonio Cipolla (from 1796) – who tenaciously fought for the coveted role. They were assisted by an excellent line-up of musicians who left a strong mark on the history of music such as Carlo Broschi, Matteo Sassano, Nicola Grimaldi, Gioacchino Conti, Nicola Reginella, Gaetano Majorano and Giuseppe Millico.
Thanks to the unity of the Deputation’s archival corpus, it has been possible to reconstruct the history of one of the city’s most significant institutions. The precious papers record the trends and fashions of a vibrant organisation within its context, but never shirked by choices of originality and eccentricity that make it unique and singular in the area.


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