Edited by Dinko Fabris
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Majer C., Brown J.W., Schulze H., Glixon B., Calcagno M., Glixon J., Rosand E., Heller W., Fabris D., Bertieri M.C., Tedesco A., Ivaldi A.F., Nestola B., Maione P.
ISBN 978-88-89491-01-0 | 2006


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On the fourth centenary of the birth of Pier Francesco Caletti Bruni, better known as Francesco Cavalli (Crema 14 February 1602 – Venice 14 January 1676), one of the main contributors to the European fortunes of seventeenth-century Venetian opera, a group of scholars met to discuss the little-explored and fascinating topic of the circulation of Venetian opera in mid-seventeenth-century Europe, and on the extremely topical subject of the recovery of Baroque opera in today’s theatres, which involves the philology of critical edition but also performance practice, directorial choices and relations with the public. This is a valuable volume that goes beyond a celebratory event and is intended as a contribution to the scientific debate on the most important form of performance in modern Europe, opera of performance in modern Europe, the melodrama.


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