Edited by Paologiovanni Maione
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Corsi C., Columbro M., Costantini D., Magaudda A., Nocerino F., Olivieri G., Ciapparelli P.L., Stiffoni G.G., De Brito M.C., Lattanzi A., DelDonna A., Tufano L., Maione P., Seller F., Mayrhofer M.
ISBN 88-88321-10-1 | 2001


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The sources collected in this volume cover various thematic areas of Neapolitan entertainment from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century: patronage and musical sources, instrumental production and theatre building, impresarios and relations between Naples and Europe, orchestral ensembles and singers. The book draws on the work of scholars whose commitment has increased and systematised the wealth of sources on Neapolitan entertainment, marking a true renaissance of studies.
These are studies with an interdisciplinary methodology that does not isolate but contextualises the archival document that produced it, produces and, it is hoped, will produce an increasing number of studies.


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