Edited by Luca Della Libera and Paologiovanni Maione
Contributions by De Frutos L., Domínguez J.M., Monferrini S., Gialdroni T.M., Fiore A., Maione P., Iacono S.M., Cotticelli F., Pagano R., Ziino A., Ciolfi S., Bossa R., Ziino M.A., Della Libera L., Griffin T., Sullo P., Tozzi L.


e-Book format.


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The volume gathers seventeen essays related to the figure of Alessandro Scarlatti and his work. From the reading of the work emerges a rich panorama of unpublished biographical details – rediscovered thanks to very recent archival research -, new readings of Scarlatti’s work and the revival of his works in Naples at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Most of the contributions analyse the sacred production of the composer, born in Palermo but Naples by adoption, investigating the musician’s relations with the Neapolitan and Roman sacred institutions of his time. There is no lack of studies on his operatic music – not by chance the composer’s most prolific field – both from a purely analytical point of view, i.e. concerning the examination of the scores and theatrical works in general, and from a historical and social point of view, in relation to patrons and the ways of making music and entertainment in Baroque Naples.



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