edited by Alessandro Lattanzi and Paologiovanni Maione
Contributions by
Sala Di Felice E., Greco F.C., Ferrone S., Fabbri P., Besutti P., Carandini S., Seifert H., Schindler O.G., Sommer-Mathis A., Maranini B., D’Antuono N.L., Bucciarelli M., Zimei F., Brindicci M., Maione P., Fabris D., Nocerino F., Cotticelli F., Brandenburg D., Lattanzi A., Vannucci M.
ISBN 88-88321-57-8 | 2003


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This volume escapes the danger of dispersion, which looms over every miscellany, by openly addressing the risk by posing, right from the title, a complex question that implies a conspicuous variety of articulations. The internal coherence of the book is ensured above all by the attention paid to the constant and irreducible tension between the dramatic literary text and the spectacular text; between supporters and detractors of the “table”, particularly lively in the period of transition from the triumph of the “wonders” of the Baroque to the emergence of the rationalising and moralistic demands of Arcadia.


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