Critical edition by Maurizio Rea
Dramaturgy Angela Di Maso
Turchini Sheets

ISBN 978-88-89491-31-7


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Who are Albino and Plautilla?
What is an intermezzo buffo?
What is meant by the “Neapolitan musical school”?
And above all, who is Leonardo Vinci, one of the greatest exponents of the aforementioned school?
It is precisely from these questions and from the analysis of the original score that the dramaturgy was born and developed, not as a severe and academic history of music, but as a spectacular theatrical performance in which the serious genre is embodied in the character of Leonardo Vinci himself – author of the music for the intermezzo buffo Albino e Plautilla – who, through the story of his mysterious life and death, led the spectators by the hand in the exciting staging of the play, which premiered at the
premiere at the Museo Pignatelli Cortes in Naples in 2019 and then also broadcast on television on Rai5, among the dense and secret pentagrammatic lines of pages of genius compositions, others commissioned and many dreamed.


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